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working laws

Workers in the United Kingdom are typically very well protected by employment law. As an employee, you have certain statutory rights which include:

28 days of paid holiday per year for full time employees. Some employers will offer an additional eight paid public holidays, although some may choose to offer them as part of the 28 day allowance.

A national minimum wage of £7.50, with an itemised payslip and no illegal deductions to your pay.

Legal protection from all forms of discrimination based on age, race, disability, gender or gender reassignment, pregnancy, sexual orientation, marriage, civil partnership and religious beliefs.

A maximum 48 hour work week, unless you choose to opt out in writing. Your employer is not allowed to ask you to opt out; you must choose to do so of your own free will.

Paid maternity or paternity leave and unpaid parental leave (criteria apply).

The right to ask for flexible working, such as working from home or adapting your working hours to suit childcare needs. Your employer is not obliged to grant your request but must at least give reasonable consideration.

Statutory sick pay in the event of illness. There is a legal minimum but some companies choose to offer additional pay under certain circumstances, which should be outlined in your contract.

All contracts vary, but a contract that guarantees you less than your statutory rights is illegal. For example, if your contract states that you are only entitled to two weeks of paid holiday, this is legally unacceptable. However, if your contract provides you with additional rights, for example 35 days of holiday, this is perfectly legal.

You should always be aware of your rights as an employee and discuss any concerns with your Human Resources representative, or with one of our specialists. At Tiro, we are experts in employment regulations and will ensure that your contract fully meets legal requirements. We can advise you on all aspects of your employment rights and we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your contract or ongoing employment.

If you require further support, contact our team of experts of experts who will happy to help.