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Your company's Unique Recruitment Portal

Keeping track with vacancies and candidates in a business can be like a full time job in itself. We have all been victims of time and information loss. Sometimes recruitment feels like the least important task of the day for managers rather than the quickest way to release time and concentrate of delivery.

Your current recruitment process can lead to:

  • Lost CV's
  • No time to review applicants, shortlist the best and request for interview
  • Track activity “are they still working on my vacancy?”
  • Access only at the work and during business hours
  • Not available across a wide area or global team

You are in a race with other companies to secure the same skills, any delay in the process will result in applicants being disillusioned with the company and losing the skills to the competition.

Here at Tiro we have developed a client solution, driven by a dedicated real-time portal to manage vacancies, applicants, interview requests, feedback and placements online and available 24/7.

We take the strain out of the process for your business. Apply for your client portal today and we can contact to discuss how your business can use and integrate this simple but effective recruitment tool. Though seamless integration we can concentrate on delivering the engineers for your team and beat the competition to engage and employ the skills you need.

What next?

Upload a vacancy or request a call back to discuss your vacancies using the buttons to the left. We will call to discuss your needs and plan a solution to secure the right candidate. Big or small, building a team or just replacing key member of staff we have the right background to help.

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