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Whether you plan to buy or rent a property in the UK, it is a good idea to start making arrangements as soon as you receive your job offer. This is especially true if you will be buying as the process can take months to complete.


If you are planning to buy a property, you should discuss your needs with a qualified broker. You can buy without this service, but in a foreign market it really is advisable to consult a professional who knows the local industry and regulations. To get an idea of prices and availability in your area, the following websites may be helpful.


If you are planning to rent, you can find a local letting agent or alternatively, you can use one of the many rental sites available online.

If you are a single person looking for shared accommodation, the following sites advertise spare rooms in houseshares. These are typically the most affordable options but tend to be aimed towards younger professionals and students.

For family or larger accommodation, the following websites offer more suitable rentals.

Your Rights

You are generally very well protected as a tenant and you should be aware of your rights before signing a tenancy agreement. You can find full details of your rights and responsibilities and those of your landlord on the gov.uk website.

If you require further support, contact our team of experts of experts who will happy to help.