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Autonomous Vehicle 

By 2020 we'll have cars capable of being fully autonomous, but probably only in in certain circumstances, 5G and vehicle to vehicle technology (the technology so cars can talk to each other) still need perfecting.

Driver Override Systems 

We've already got cars that will stop if you fail to apply the brakes, by 2020 cars will apply the brakes even if the driver has the accelerator floored. Sensor technology will give the car final say, not you.

Biometric Vehicle Access 

We already have cars with keyless entry, next on the cards is a switch to key-fob-less entry and start. You'll be able to unlock and start your car using just a fingerprint (or maybe even your eyeball).

Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking 

Insurance companies are already talking about fees based on how many miles a person drives, and new drivers can already have a black box fitted in their vehicle to keep the cost of their insurance down. By 2020 insurance companies will offer all drivers a reduced rate for drivers that agree to full tracking of their behaviour.

Active Window Displays 

By 2020 we'll see active glass capable of displaying vibrant images. Imagine a navigation system that actually highlights the next turn on your windscreen.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

This technology already exists, in recent years telematics companies has shut down hundreds of stolen cars, ending police chases with little drama. By 2020 remote vehicle shutdown could be standard.

Active Health Monitoring 

Vehicle manufacturers are already talking about seatbelt or steering wheel sensors that track vital statistics, though the rapid development of wearable technology means most cars will just wirelessly pair with these devices (think cell phone for your body). Combine this with autonomous technology and you've got a car that can pull over and call 999 when the driver has a heart attack.

Personalized In Car Advertising

You're already getting Facebook, Twitter and Gmail ads based on your behaviour. By 2020 the average car will be fully connected to the internet, meaning your vehicle will provide companies with a powerful set of metrics to customise their message.

Reconfigurable Body Panels 

In 2018 the small SUV category is booming, even supercar manufacturers are developing them (Lamborghini launched “the Urus - the world’s first super sport utility vehicle” in January and its rumoured even Ferrari is developing a SUV). By 2020 expect a SUV with lightweight body panels and advanced motors that retract the roof and side glass into the lower body panels, basically changing your SUV into a whole new vehicle.