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Many manufacturing companies have remained open during the lock down or have already returned to work, whilst the rest of industry is preparing for a July 4th reboot for the rest of work.

This will create a big challenge for businesses, with the emphasis on Health and Safety and safeguarding your work force.

The Government have chosen to follow a route of we make a framework with the emphasis on staff to be responsible. However to keep your business running and your staff safe companies need to take action.


Transport impact on business. The commute to work will be a high risk part of your work force’s day. Currently less than 10-20% are using the transport system, in two weeks that is going to change. How can you ensure your staff are arriving onto your premises safely? Send a questionnaire to all employees on primary and secondary transport modes. Contact your local bus and train services to check any policy on acceptable safe numbers for transport. At 2m distance that is less than 20% capacity can use the service.

Managing an outbreak in the workplace – We are still in a pandemic, a second wave is a real possibility, in the news this week there are factories have already been forced to close for 2 weeks. Your company policy needs to be mapped out and disseminated to the workforce.

We are moving from a very controlled environment to high risk transmission. You need a robust process flow and action plan in place, and you need to constantly remind your staff of the rules -i.e. PPE – Exposure Reporting – Testing – Return to work – Monitoring on site – Closure or part closure of site policy.

Develop a H&S Risk System – Your situation will change as you learn more about the impact at work in real time. Being able to identify trends – assess risk – lessons learned will be key to maintaining safe continuity.

Develop a quick risk evaluation system, you need a system that can engage a work force. EVERYONE AT WORK WILL BE RESPONSIBLE. A traffic light can help identify weak areas in a business.

Green - No Risk

Yellow - Indirect risk

Red - Direct contact risk

System essentials:

Reporting with symptoms

Reporting a contact isolation outside of work

Reporting contact risk at work

Reporting workday improvement suggestions, impact risks, and concerns. This is not a whistle blowing this is developing a proactive engaging approach.

The more structure to reporting you can do the, better you will maintain continuity.

Getting it right will go a long way for avoiding disruption in the workplace. See it as insurance, it don’t stop infection but it could go a long way to isolating and avoiding 14 day lockdown disruption and in some cases full facility closure.

We can help business bring specific resources in to manage and quickly deploy skills to get you up to speed quickly. This could be in Training – HR – IT intranet/dash board reporting – Project Managers. They can deliver quickly while existing staff concentrate on making the system work.

In the first instance arrange a short call. We can help talk through getting the right strategy for your business and bringing in the additional resources.

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