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Getting ahead of the post Brexit curve - our guide to avoiding and managing the recruitment challenge ahead
The clock is ticking and engineering is going to have to face a number of challenges as they come face to face with the Brexit reality. We will see the real impact of the deal with the roll out next March – as businesses move out, but also hopefully some in the country based on long term supply chain plans. We also see the potential risk of “no deal” melt down effecting all quarter 1 operations. But hopefully we will have a manageable 2 year transition deal.

Being ahead of the curve or crash is key to the way forward for business and we are reaching out early to help companies now. Tiro Associates have had a strategy in place since the VOTE! We have aligned our business to be best placed to manage all eventualities.

Companies need to start looking now at the options for managing change. Options available depend very much on the business, but having a flexible plan in place NOW means you won’t be caught out even if there is a no deal. Whatever the outcome, change is coming and now is the time to mitigate risk and plan ahead.

At Tiro we have helped companies manage a wide range of transition:
1                    Resource planning for change
2                    Transition of business to/from other countries
3                    Supply chains restructure (local supply ramp up JIT realignment)
4                    Contract worker contingency plan.
5                    Maintaining key talent through change

The last time the UK experienced a major change was in the late ‘80s when there was a huge transition of manufacturing from the UK to Eastern Europe. Members of our senior team here at Tiro went through that period and managed many business impact changes.

Much of the work requires strategic teams to be set up for managing that process. Nearly all businesses failed to predict true underlining impact in terms of change in resource requirements. The sure volume of change left many struggling to manage. Companies rarely look at a total operation risk and grow organically round a framework. When substantial change comes in, you face not only change issues, you start to find your end to end business systems are not robust enough to mitigate risk.

What can you start doing now?
Let’s start with a question ….. What if anything is going to change in the short and long term?
We don’t have a crystal ball, but starting to plan your options now will help manage the stampede for the right staff later. What are the challenges?  
1                    Transfer in or out of work volume
2                    Realignment of business
3                    Risk of losing staff to Europe

Regardless of “the deal” you will find change is a coming. What do you have in place to manage that change in?

Production – Design – Quality – Documented Process – Supply Chain – Program/Project Management – Loss of talent – Training. Who are the key stakeholders and will they be able maintain current role while taking on transition tasks?

The next question ….... Is you end to end business process clear and documented?

Times like these are an ideal time to review end to end systems. This differs from individual department reviews; it requires a helicopter clear view of the whole system. We found 50% of the issues faced by companies revolved around having a true understanding of the whole business. Many were caught out and slowed down by the “skeleton in the cupboard”. This does not need to be a year long programme, even a quick analysis of potential impact will put you in a better place to press that button and react accordingly.

How can Tiro Help?
Tiro is expert in managing resource risk and can advise companies on how best to manage that. We can plan and develop a contingency strategy
·        Build resources to manage blended recruitment Permanent staff turnover replacement – Project change teams – Contractor replacement strategy – Block ramp up recruitment.
·        Advise on critical resource risks and shortages.
·        Support companies with a resource pool that can respond quickly to change.

By starting that partnership now you can mitigate transition risk. Our experience in this area can help give companies a competitive edge in in a soon to come resource short market. Most importantly you can manage risk now ahead of your competition.

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Let’s discuss your requirements and start talking about options and get ahead of the curve.

Our Senior Consultant Philip has 35 years of business change and recruitment at a direct operation management and recruitment strategy level. He can help deliver that seamless change in a post Brexit economy.

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