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Its amazing where life can take you, my world of work and life have been merging fast over the last few years. Growing up watching 50s-60s Italian films sharp suits, style and love you cant help but being engaged. My father was one of the first people in his area to import a Lambretta and he bought into the suit, winklepicker Italian look as a young man. So in a lot of ways Italy has been on the radar from a young age.

I've always enjoyed travelling to Italy it’s the perfect holiday for me and my family. Many a summer spent in Ca'savio or up by the lakes in Garda and lots of city breaks you quickly settle into that life.

As the kids were growing up you realise it’s not just you who relax, they do too. Family is so important and the Italian people have always welcomed you as people and treated you like a part of an extended family, a guest in there house.

That sense of welcoming really does help you immerse yourself in a country. Things really start to come into focus, you slow down and start to really appreciate the detail in life. It’s that detail I love about Italy everything is done with passion, expertise and pride. It does not matter if you are making a morning espresso or a work of art, Italians put their heart and soul into delivering perfection.

From the moment you step off the plane you are subjected to a sensory assault all five sensors are hit like bullets from a machine gun! Smell of the coffee - taste of the food - sound of discussion - great architecture on every corner - touching real history. I have travelled a lot and nothing has come close to Italy on my sensors.

Food - People talk about food in France in may be but I've never had a bad meal in Italy. I do my homework I pick a small family restaurant, not the normal holiday place, the place where local people celebrate a family occasion or where you meet with friends. They serve the best food ever, My Italian is not great but I find if you try a bit the international language of pointing at other peoples food and pictures on the wall can make for a great meal.

Opera - Verona is an off the scale opera experience, it starts at sunset, you are in a "real" Roman amphitheater, sat on historic steps and listening to art. If that is not enough you can eat and drink in the bars till the early hours. It’s my favourite Italian evening experience for me it has it all history - art - food - culture.

Italy part 2 work Engineering - Recruitment -Supercars - That is just a small part of my Italy holiday life I could write a book about it. 3 years ago things really started to ramp up. I work in engineering recruitment specialising in all things automotive R&D and was given the opportunity to work with "the greatest car company in the world" in Italy the place I love. For those outside of recruitment this is like winning the world cup and being awarded the noble peace prize in one!

You get a sudden rush of pride in working with them, you embrace the passion, that individual effort to deliver for the team, determination to overcome and pride in history and company. I feel I am now an adopted "real Italian" part of a team working to deliver excellence.

There is no way you could work for the company without finding your inner Italian. you have to really embrace la dolche vita. I think I am in that zone, when I'm in Monte Carlo every year for the tennis I have to take a train to Ventimiglia to stock up on cheese, ham and dried goods. When I’m in Maranello for work its another mad rush to Modena to the market! Early Holiday this year is a road trip from Rome to Palermo via Napoli all by the end of May. My inner Italian is now my outer Italian!

I travel every year to meet the manages to discuss in detail the years recruitment requirements. It gives me a chance to discuss in detail the up and coming projects together with the engineering technical roadmap. We are making that trip this week 12/2/18 and we are keen to talk to engineers looking to return to Italy.

This year will be a revolution in engineering with the kickstart of the next chapter in supercar engineering. We will be working on all areas of engineering for future platforms.

Hybrid/EV - Battery - Electronics - Electric Machines

Engine V8 V12 - 1D Simulation - Gear Transmission Design

Body - Spaceframe - Design - Composite - Simulation/FEM

Chassis - Braking - Steering - FEM

Racing GT - Aerodynamics

ADAS - Active automotive safety engineering

We are keen to talk to Italians who may be missing the same things. Food - family - challenge - lifestyle, time to start talking now about a career move.

Best way to start is connect with me on LinkedIn you will get the latest vacancy updates, email your cv and arrange a time to talk philip.bowers@tiroassociates.com or just call +44 (0)1277 352168. We can talk you through the whole process from start to relocating back to Italy.

Engineering wise it really is a chance to make your mark on the next chapter of this historic brand. This is not just any car company, it is everything the car industry aspires to and it is a showcase for everything great about Italy.

Life for me in recruitment and home is very much living La Dolche Vita.....Grazie Mille & Ciao for now