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There comes a point in a new business when it needs to attract industry experienced talent to bridge the technology with the end user OEM/Partner/Buyer/Commercialise. Attracting industry experience talent can be a difficult challenge for a start-up business requiring careful management.

This situation could affect any start-up company moving to the next stage of scale up. Designing – Testing – Planning – Integration – Production – Sales - Support.

This is where Tiro can help, we like to think of ourselves as a “disruptive consultancy” i.e. a recruiter that can plan, get creative and deliver the people a business need to take it forward. We overcome the pitfalls associated with scale up recruitment like attracting industry experience to an unknown company with potential.


The world of automotive is going through its biggest change with IOT/Driverless technology accelerating at a pace never seen in a relatively mechanical domain.

This new IOT/apps market is estimated to grow to an $82 billion pound market by 2022 – innovative tech start-ups are beginning to disrupt this traditional market.

It’s a start-up company, with solid first stage funding moving from a proof of concept to a commercial offering. The business is focussed on connected IOT product for the automotive industry. Key is to developing an off the shelf apps Eco-System that covers the core future requirements of a major OEM and the services supply chain.

The business opportunities are huge for OEM’s as they move towards harnessing the services – payment – insurance – drive –fleet – aftermarket – telematics health – commercial vertical – connectivity markets. By creating a seamless platform OEMs have an off the shelf managed structure to drop into the business, manage API driven partnerships and most importantly harness control of data outside of 3rd party control.


You can have all the buttons in the world, but if the product does not fit with your end user..... it will fail. At such a critical start-up crossroad, ideas can turn quickly into a either a winning business or derail. Many have to scale up and recruit industrial experience. 

Our Task:

  1. Finding candidates with an automotive apps delivery background in London away from the traditional midlands base. 
  2. Product managers for key development in Telematics/Commercial API - Insurance on demand – Services on demand – Payment systems and gateways.
  3. Candidates that can bring value and hit the floor running in a start-up culture.
  4. Candidates who can fully understand/realise the commercial opportunity.
  5. Candidates with full apps product lifecycle in automotive, directly linked to an OEM.


Tiro Associates by nature is a head hunter - we deliver solutions. We quickly identify the best way of going to market and attracting the right talent for the business.

Bridging largescale OEM experience with the dynamic culture needed to deliver in a disruptive start up is essential. Tiro has solid experience of building start up teams from a proof of concept to realised product. Understanding this market helps not only to find the right “person” but be able to sell the unique opportunity to a passive candidate not active in the recruitment market place.  

We took the brief, researched the company, key personal and put together a recruitment plan together with business control document to highlight the opportunity fully. Another major factor is managing recruitment risk. We identify any risk to your business, i.e. salaries – location – career expectations etc. To make sure you secure that long term hire.

This is the basis for identifying candidates in the market, enabling us to provide potential candidates a detailed objective overview of the company, engaging full buy in from the candidate and the foundation for interviewing/screening candidate.

Our approach means we operate as an extension of your business, when we “go to market” to find the best possible candidates for your company. We are able to not just sell your company’s profile and technology, but also culture and ethos as a total package. We want candidates to see a seamless efficient process from first contact to engagement.

At Tiro we do our due diligence, ensuring we believe 100% in the work we are involved in. In this particular case, we were excited about the product and confident that with the right people on board (expertly sourced by Tiro!) the business could corner its market.


We quickly identified the key people with the skills required. We weeded out those that won’t add value or lacked vision through interview screening. Delivering candidates to the company with the required skills set, motivation and would accept a role if offered. By managing candidate expectation at the front end we can deliver the perfect fit for a company. Our core approach is attracting "the best" talent for our clients as if we were the employer.

We quickly filled 2 key positions and are now in the final stages for the 3rd. Most importantly we also have in place an effective recruitment business model for the company. This helps mobilise and respond quickly to future requirements.

The Tiro strategy really does bring value to the recruitment process. By understanding the whole requirements of a business you can find any candidate or skill set however complex the role may appear. This is where Tiro stands out as a recruiter; we really understand the businesses we work with.

Thinking of expanding your team? Come and talk to us..

Tiro is not a hard and fast recruitment business we are “consultants” we are here to find solutions. Our aim is to secure a long term relationship that offers a reliable and responsive service that a company can tap into throughout scale up expansion.

The best way to explore your options is to contact us and discuss your requirements. We can help map a resourcing strategy that can help focus how we can support with your immediate need, but also structure growth for the future. By engaging with your recruiter you start to manage that growing talent jigsaw.

We can help with any technical recruitment. This could be at any stage of the company growth from Graduate to CEO. We can manage projects from a single vacancy to multiple staged hires.

  • Talent planning
  • First external hire
  • Securing key growth talent with industry sector experience
  • Target headhunting.
  • Go to market sales expansion worldwide.
  • Project manager integration with end user
  • Give you a cost effective alternative to recruitment management