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tiro’s expertise for recruiting for “cultural fit”

The Brief:

The company is recognised as one of the top 30 automotive suppliers globally and the leading powertrain development partner. An experienced Project Manager was required to oversee and report on a project based in China.

This was the first engine launch (£20m) venture to deliver 100% Chinese manufactured product. The key was to bridge between the technical design/manufacturing expertise in Europe and deliver a European standardised manufacturing into China.

Our Focus:

Key requirements:

  • Powertrain Engine Launch design and build
  • Direct experience of delivering an engine launch in China
  • Managing the process, quality, ramp-up and launch.
  • Manage communication locally and with the European team.
  • Location outside of a major international city. 


Sourcing for China is a complex mixture of cultural, e-pat salary diversity, location and pure problem solving. Sometimes the hardest part is getting a foothold. Fortunately we have a solid database where we can tap into both clients and the local ex-pat community to get a feel on the ground quickly.

Identifying the key issues mean we can help both our client though the process and manage candidates on the ground. Utilising that local knowledge can be critical ensuring a smooth placement.

Packages in China vary vastly with a complex combination of base salary, bonus, travel and accommodation. Feeding this back to the client was critical to going to market with a rounded attractive package for potential candidates.

By addressing front end issues we could quickly identify target companies, the key people and understand the local market. Our approach is to manage the hire risks upfront with the client not hope for the best at the end.

With roles like this we focus on achieving a clear benchmark with the client, through the use of template CVs and open discussion about salary packages. We devised a communication process to manage multi time zone availability logistics.

Key was providing a credible blend of candidates that could be screened and fine-tuned for second stage. Feedback from the first interview acted as a fine tuning for the search and we quickly identify the key candidate to go to final stage.

We recognise at Tiro when you reach offer stage you are only halfway there. This is very much the case where offers need to be approved in 3 zones. Managing this complex process can make or break an offer turning into a placement.

Proactive management with realistic timescales managed really helped the process. Roles like this can take 4-6 weeks to agree to the stage of final offer. By managing this we keep the process moving along all the way to a successful placement.


Candidate was offered in April and joined in June 2016


The hire of our candidate meant the company was able to commence the £20 million project in June 2016