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tiro’s expertise in recruiting overseas candidate for UK roles

The Brief:

The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products. The company have seen a rapid expansion with the delivery of galleys as a tier 1 to the Airbus A350 program.

Tiro was tasked with sourcing a specialist Electrical Design Engineer for one of its UK sites. We have a track record of success in sourcing such engineers, having introduced the last 3 engineers in the department over the last 2 years, one of which was quickly promoted and relocated to HQ in the USA.


Having made the last 3 placements and our understanding of the real engineering requirements in the department we could go to work quickly.

The “like for like” market limited the availability of engineers being only one of two major global players in this unique market. Over the years the particular skill set had reduced to a hand full of people. Key to this project is to find the blend of transferable skills from other areas of Aerospace as the mechanical to electrical ratio of available engineers is around 100-1

Extensive research of the UK market it was clear there was a shortage of such specialist engineers. Therefore our team of recruiters utilised their language skills (we have fluent French, German, Italian, Romania and Spanish speakers at Tiro) to research the market in mainland Europe.

We targeted companies in Spain, France and Portugal as having that balance of skills and product exposure. Two weeks later we were confident we had sourced three candidates, two in Spain and one in France with the correct technical profile, cultural fit committed to relocating to the UK on a permanent basis.


Transitioning engineers into the UK market is complex. Tiro’s approach to relocating engineers is the Key to successful outcome. Managing the process within a short skills market place opened the boundaries to mainland Europe. Having the language skills combined with our robust recruitment process delivered the right outcome for both the candidate and client.

This work has benefited our client on a longer term now as we have created a network of placed candidates who are available to support and advice new placements in the future. This network are available to help with anything from “working in the UK” to more practical logistics advice like moving, bank accounts and housing. We have hubs of engineers across the whole of UK and Europe and can immediately tap into for key technical requirements for the client.

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