Tiro - Associates

tiro’s expertise in sourcing “scarce skills“

The Brief:

Tiro has always had a foundation in Aerospace and Automotive since it was formed. One key account is a major global tier 1 specialising in Safety Electronics and Control systems. Most of our work was with the UK site however we had a request to support the German Parent company. The business was seeing acceleration in new technology coming through. Our client was struggling to resource critical projects at the kick off systems stage.

This balance of new technology together with drive from client was holding the company back in an emerging market. Competition is strong across the sector and the business was at risk of missing out on key OEM business. The role for Software Requirements was complex in terms of emerging technology and the brief was to

  • Find an engineer with the specific technical knowledge only found in emerging technology
  • Tier 1 delivery background for a major international company
  • Exposure to the German manufacturing market and clients
  • Provide access into the short skills market with our proactive head hunting approach
  • Capability to deliver a full life cycle product to market

Our Focus:

Limited resource pools require a head hunting approach with careful project and people management. Key was to identify companies delivering the specific technology together with a client base of German OEM end users. Preparation work also included quickly profiling housing, schools, cultural and tax implication pack for the candidates. It was identified early in the process that this was the biggest issue when delivering engineers into the business.


Tiro Associate’s database covers the whole of Europe this has expanded in more recent years with bringing in junior consultants into the business with key language skills. We have been able to focus and corner pockets of key engineers throughout the EEC which has proved critical for our clients.

Our approach is not driven by advertising but by reaching out to candidates and solid networking. The days of apply and fill are long gone. The more complex the role the more likely the candidates are passive in work and not thinking about a move.

We focus on networking with great candidates; we see this approach as being the only option in a short skilled market. We are constantly looking to engage and identify potential availability

This constant proactive pooling of candidates really does pay off with critical hires. We were able to respond quickly with identifying key candidates together with logistics and culture fit. We delivered a strong blend of candidates straight into interview, offer and placement.


The automotive industry is moving at a very fast pace. Tier 1 automotive suppliers are having to respond at a much faster pace with the vehicle manufacturers. We are seeing a rapid rise in fast recruitment mobilisation. Those with the team get the project those without lose out. Tiro is well placed to be able to respond internationally to our clients and deliver that resource without delay.

Our work here has been rewarded with becoming an approved Global supplier to the business in recognition of our work.