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executive search & rpo

Securing Top Talent - Delivering an End to End Managed Service

The challenges faced by global business are changing every day. Keeping pace with critical leadership requirements or multiple department vacancies can be difficult for even the very largest global companies.

Our solutions:

Executive Search - Securing top talent

Tiro by its very nature is a head hunter. But sometimes situations in business present themselves with a challenge that needs a focused and specific need. Our executive search service is in place to meet such a challenge. Working in a strictly confidential way we manage the whole process from:

  • Project plan and delivery gatess
  • Job & person specification
  • Interview screening, testing and shortlisting
  • Salary negotiation and the offer process

We recognise every situation is different, with this service we work on a retained and sole agency basis. Our commitment to dedicating senior management resource to the search will reap rewards that far outweigh the cost.

RPO - A dedicated “one stop shop” managing your entire recruitment process

One of the biggest problems facing organisations in today’s ever evolving and fast paced world is available time to get everything done, whilst continuing to maintain and where possible improve efficiency and quality to product greater profits. This is where we provide real value to your business. When you outsource your recruitment function to Tiro Associates Ltd, you will free up significant time allowing you to focus on your core business activities and improving your bottom line. e bring all of your recruitment needs under one roof. Our group of trained professionals will gain an in depth understanding of your companies working practices and employment culture in order to effectively act as an internal part of your human resource facility.

What can we offer?

  • A dedicated industry standard platform to manage the whole process from vacancy to placement
  • Secure management of applicant – vacancy – contact – process
  • Online facility for your team to manage your vacancies - remotely track applicants – request interviews – make offers - all in one place
  • Ability to manage permanent and contract including timesheet and payroll from just one online system
  • Ability to manage other recruitment suppliers within the process in a transparent and ethical way
  • Reduce Cost – Improve Process – Manage total recruitment in a “Skills Short” market

What next?

Upload a vacancy or request a call back to discuss your vacancies using the buttons to the left. We will call to discuss your needs and plan a solution to secure the right candidate. Big or small, building a team or just replacing a key member of staff we have the right background to help.