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artificial intelligence – the key to autonomous living

Machine Learning - Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning - Building an AI Future

The early stages of autonomous driving have concentrated on the delivery of hardware to market, combining Radar – Lidar – Camera technology – Connectivity IOT to bring enhanced safety features. We now have a certain maturity in technology to move towards a clear full autonomous driving road map.

Tiro is at the forefront of working with global companies to build the resources to deliver this technology to market. Competition in this field is strong and it is critical businesses have a clear strategy for managing its long term recruitment needs.

At Tiro we are expert in building teams to deliver Deep – Machine – Reinforcement Learning expertise. We are working with businesses to grow development departments at both a research and application level. Working closely with our clients we build team that can expand and grow with technology.

Our expertise covers:

Machine learning:

Semi Parametric models – Generalized liner models –Probabilistic graphical models - Latent variable modeling – time serice models – Recommendation systems

Reinforcement Learning:

Bayesian Optimisation – Preferred Learning - Reinforcement Learning –Active Learning –Situation/Decision Learning – Safe Exploration – Controlling Systems – Continues State – Action Spaces.

Deep Learning:

DL Uncertainty – DL Framework – DL Compression – DL Explainable AI – Deep RNN – DL Classification/detection/segmentation – Convolutional NN -

However complex, we can help secure the engineers you need with these sought after skills.