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Mapping the world of ADAS engineering here at Tiro Associates has given me a fantastic insight into the exponential growth in both technology and opportunity to secure the reality of level 5 autonomy.

This is an exciting time to work as a head hunter in ADAS Engineering, but with many technology expansions, there becomes an ever growing resource risk. It starts slowly; teams hit a core group of engineers through phase 1-2 of a project growth. It’s a mixture of reliable longstanding employees supported by some key technical recruitment to fill in the knowledge gaps. The problems start with expanding that core.

Organic growth works to a level…….

Projects at the moment are increasing in complexity at a component and platform level. Silicon development coupled with strategic technology partnerships requires careful resource management. Companies are working outside the norms of historical working.

One thing that does not change is the delivery to your OEM clients. 2-3 year step changes are very short but for many they just don’t see the skills gap growing in the same way we do. This is the critical resource trap many companies fall into. They recognise an issue when it is too late. Managing resource during the next few phases will see you succeed or….fail.

Just take a look at your current live vacancies in your business.

Is it growing and positions not being filled?

Are your team resources starting to become stretched to meet deadlines?

Do you feel you have to recruit the “perfect fit” candidate because of time pressure?

Do you feel your resource plan has a “recruitment risk”

I think many managers and businesses are not seeing this risk until it becomes a problem. The greatest challenge facing the future development of ADAS technology is not the technology. It’s the people needed to deliver it. 

Have a look at this image. That will give you a view of how much competition you are facing with candidate attraction to your projects.

The tipping point is when credible skilled candidates have 3-4 great job opportunities for the same job. Companies quickly lose control of the recruitment process, stuck in “this is how we do things” rather than managing the growing skills competition.

This is where a head hunter comes in. We work in the zone of passive candidates. What is a passive candidate, well it’s a candidate not looking or applying for work. It’s a unique candidate open to a real career move. A candidate focussed on a move to your business.

Building your teams is not going to be like building a block tower one on top of another. It will be more like putting together a large jigsaw. You will be building in different places to build the whole picture. The part you focus on will change and recruitment needs to be flexible enough to manage change.

Tiro Associates are experts in both, what we offer is a different approach, not waiting for candidates. We work with managers to grow teams, with expert technical knowledge to manage that risk. Tiro have worked through 17 years of high technology growth, helping companies manage resource through a risk and requirements approch.

We manage candidate attraction at a passive level.

We work with “people” to deliver the resources integrated into your business.

We manage recruitment proactively by offering a skills pools for managers to draw from.

We offer a reliable and responsive service that flexes immediately to skills shortage.

We give your business a competitive edge in skills short market.

Help manage a blended Permanent/Contractor recruitment approach.

Making the change to partnership working does differ from conventional in-house recruitment. We build your service from a tried and tested framework. It’s a tailored approach built on your unique business requirements. It manages a global recruitment/attraction strategy, identifies skills shortage risk and delivers a workable delivered solution.

Growing with your teams not locked and held back by functional static process. What may seem like a little more work will in the end give you the time to focus on delivering the technology. You will have the staff in place to achieve your goal. We spend a lot of time on program management but spend little on the resource plan until it becomes a problem.

If you are looking to change this, contact me today. I would be more than happy to discuss your needs and look at options that could really help you secure key engineering resources.

If you can do one thing, just look if your vacancy list is growing and then see if the volume and quality of candidates is in decline. If it is yes to both don’t wait just call or email.

We work internationally, we do like to meet our customers and deliver a person to person service. We can manage projects from a single requirement to managing your whole recruitment process as an in house service. But to attract the very best we do need commitment from our clients.

I would be more than happy to discuss needs at a team or global level. I hope to hear from you soon. Making that change now will help secure the skills you need to grow.

Philip.bowers@tiroassociates.com +44 (0) 1277 352 168